Solving problems so you don't have to.

Malcom Company designs, distributes and configures specialty tools that solve problems. For over 20 years we have been collaborating with customers and expert partners to bridge the gap between ideas and solutions. Working with commercial and military customers across the full spectrum of aerospace, energy and telecommunications industries delivering to the market custom specialty tools, kits, including standard and modified commercial off the shelf products.  We are very proud to be providing US Armed Services with high quality reliable products used by maintainers in keeping their equipment running.

The relentless pursuit to make it possible. Read more about our custom tool design/development.

Our Process

We discover design factors and identify key insights with our clients.

We develop desirable solutions with our expert partners.

We design, test, and refine feasible iterations.

We deliver viable high quality solutions.

What our clients and partners are saying

Our clients and partners value our responsive collaborative approach to design, transparent communication, commercial off the shelf resourcefulness, and life-cycle sustainment support.

From custom battery powered hand held tools for soldering, to application specific kits for in the field composite smoothing and curing, and modified commercial off the shelf portable plastic welding and shrinking kits, we listen to our clients’ needs and partner with experts to design viable, feasible, and high quality solutions.

Customer Stories