MCH Battery-Powered heat gun tool kitted in ground support kit for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter



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Heat Sensor Testing, Shrink Labels, Shrink Tubing, Soldering


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In 2009 we were contacted by Northrup Grumman Corporation (NGC) from their ground support division focused on ground support equipment.  NGC had a contract with Lockheed Martin (LM) to provide ground support equipment for the Military jets Lockheed builds and they wanted the MCH-100-A as part of their ground support tools for the F35.

The requirements included providing the tool in LM colors which meant we had to change the color of the charger container and the carry bag.  In addition NGC wanted special RFID labeling including their serial numbers and part numbers on all the tools.

We were awarded a contract and informed that our tool had been kitted in as part of the ground support equipment for the F35 joint strike fighter jet.