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The US Navy contacted Malcom's plastic welding specialist about repairing the plastic bow cone for their small manned SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) submarine.  Samples of the bow material was sent to Malcom in Rhode Island and evaluated for the possibility of welding the material. After Malcom confirmed that the material could be welded a method for performing the repair was established and samples of the welds were sent to the Navy for evaluation.

As a result the Navy purchasing Leister Plastic Welding Tools needed to perform the repairs and sent troops to Malcom's Plastic Welding Training Center in Rhode Island to learn how to do the repairs.  Rather then replacing these expensive bow cones the Navy was able to repair them ultimately saving taxpayers thousands of dollars and reduced the down time of the submarines.

People routinely contact us asking for ways to fabricate and repair plastic pipe, tanks, bins, liners, tents and plastic vehicle parts.  We listen and source rugged high quality and reliable plastic tools for their needs.  When our customers asked us for plastic and flooring repair kits, we built them to suit their needs.  When our customers asked us for plastic welding training we developed a training program for them.  When our customers asked for welding rod we made it.  

Our plastic welding products are listed on our web site an the plastic welding tools page.