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A fully portable heat gun kit that is ideal for repairing tents, liners, tarpaulins in remote locations, and even military aircraft wing surfaces, has been introduced by Malcom Technologies of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

The Malcom MCH-100-AB Battle Damage Repair Kit features a lightweight heat gun that can reach temperatures up to 900°F depending on nozzle and heating element selected, has a built-in motor and fan that provides 2.66 CFM hot air flow, and includes a 48V rechargeable battery pack with shoulder strap that weighs just 10 lbs. Available, but not included is an assortment of nozzles and tools for plastic welding and overlap applications, this kit was designed to repair tents, liners, and tarpaulins at remote sites.

Suitable for a wide variety of related wire harness repairs, including soldering and de-soldering, the Malcom MCH-100-A Battle Damage Repair Kit can be used around fueled vehicles and has passed Mil-Std-810 F (511.4) Explosive Atmosphere Test for N-Hexane and JP-5 Aviation Fuel.

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