Hand held Fusion 3 Extruder repairs landfill liners protecting groundwater

Tagged with: Plastic Welding

Malcom offers a full line of Leister portable handheld plastic extruders. All Leister Extruders have built-in cold-start protection. Many PTFE welding tips are available for overlap welding, fillet welds, butt welds, X welds and V welds. Output for the Leister extruders are from 1.5 lbs./hr. up to 13 lbs./hr. The Leister Fusion extruders feature 360 degree revolving heads. Malcom also offers welding rod of various types of plastic used in the Leister extruders.

With its long and narrow shape, the Leister FUSION 3 enables comfortable work, even on the floor.


  • High welding performance
  • Compact and handy
  • The motor start-up protection prevents cold start
  • Simple operation
  • Dual-sided twist-free wire intake
  • 360° rotatable welding shoe

Malcom offers Leister Products only to US Government and US Government contractors.  Some of the Leister products are available through Malcom Company’s GSA Contract and the GSA Advantage buying portal. Go to the GSA website www.gsaadvantage.com for more information on the Leister Products offered to the Government by Malcom Company.