Leister Forte Electric Heat Shrink Gun for shrinking pallets without flames

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A new, portable electric hot air heat shrink wrapping tool that uses forced hot air, rather than open flame, to package cartons along with a pallet is being introduced by Malcom Company, Inc. of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

 Malcom’s Leister® Forte ‘S3’ Electric Hot Air Shrink Wrap Tool features an internal heating element and blower that produces 1200°F hot air to shrink film from 2 to 6 mils. Thick.  Eliminating the hazard of open flames which can cause personal injury, this portable tool safely creates a smooth, tight shipping package, including the pallet.

 Providing 10,000 Watts of power, Malcom’s Leister Forte ‘S3’ Electric Hot Air Shrink Wrap Tool operates on 3-phase 230V or 400V and can be adapted to turntables and other automated shrink wrap systems.  Built for operator safety, this tool is double-insulated and has a shield over the heater.  Unlike gas tools, it prevents the cartons being wrapped from being scorched.

 Literature is available upon request.

  • Voltage 3x230/3x400
  • Power 10Kw
  • Temperature 1200 F
  • Weight 9.7 pounds (without power cord)

Malcom offers Leister Products only to US Government and US Government contractors.  Some of the Leister products are available through Malcom Company’s GSA Contract and the GSA Advantage buying portal. Go to the GSA website www.gsaadvantage.com for more information on the Leister Products offered to the Government by Malcom Company.