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The Malcom Company offers this all-purpose, portable plastic welding kit for repairing tanks, tarps, liners, conveyor belts, automotive, truck, motorcycle and marine body parts as well as other thermoplastic products of all types.

The Malcom Plastic Welding kit includes everything necessary in one tool box for making professional quality thermoplastic repairs in the field and in the shop.

Included in the kit is the Leister Triac BT hot air tool which provides 1550 watts of power at 120V. It is adjustable from 68°F to 1100°F, has built-in variable airflow to 8 CFM and weighs only 2.2 pounds. Easy to handle, the Triac BT is double-insulated and has a shield over the heater for operator safety.

The kit includes the following:

  • LEISTER Triac BT heat gun with built in 5 mm tube nozzle
  • LEISTER replacement heating element
  • LEISTER 5.7mm Triangular Speed welding nozzle
  • LEISTER 5 mm round speed welding nozzle
  • LEISTER Tacking nozzle
  • LEISTER sturdy plastic tool box
  • Assortment of welding rods including PE, PP, ABS, PVC totaling 1 pound
  • Rotary burr for making grooves
  • Scraper for prepping weld areas
  • Pliers for removing hot nozzles
  • Side channel cutters to cut welding rod
  • Detailed plastic welding instructions, including vehicle repair instruction booklet

Malcom offers Leister Products only to US Government and US Government contractors.  Some of the Leister products are available through Malcom Company’s GSA Contract and the GSA Advantage buying portal. Go to the GSA website www.gsaadvantage.com for more information on the Leister Products offered to the Government by Malcom Company.