Solder Sleeves

Tagged with: Shrinking & Soldering

Product safety is valued in any industry, but none more so than in aerospace where a system failure can easily result in casualties and the loss of millions in capital investments. As expected, quality standards are rigorous throughout aerospace design right down to nuts and bolts and electrical connectors.

High temperature shrink solder sleeves are becoming ubiquitous in avionics as they provide reliable and inspectable electrical connections often degraded by contact soldering contamination and inconsistent soldering or shrinking techniques. Solder sleeves simplify product assembly and come pre-assembled with an outer heat-shrinkable jacket, pre-fluxed solder, thermoplastic sealing rings, and pre-installed ground leads that ensures completely insulated and strain relieved connections.

Although an improvement on the process, solder sleeves are often difficult to apply as the heat required to adequately flow the inner solder and recover the outer shrink tube without discoloration or burning can be separated by a large temperature spread. Understanding what heat is and how heat relates to the physics controlling solder flow and sleeve recovery can inform tool design and lead to more effective innovations including solder sleeve specific nozzles for the Malcom MCH-100-A Battery Powered Heat Gun